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Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

This Easter try something new and natural by dyeing your Easter eggs with natural coloring.   Making natural dyes isn’t just a way to achieve more earthy colors, and better looking eggs but by leaving the harsh food-colorings and egg decorating kits on the shelf in the store, you are making a healthier choice for you and your family.

Natural Egg Dye Recipes

Have A Happy, Healthy Easter!


Arbonne Blueberry Smoothie

Arbonne Blueberry Smoothie

1 Cup Organic Plain Yogurt

3/4 Cup Organic Blueberries (frozen)

1 Organic Banana (frozen)

1 Teaspoon Organic Cinnamon

1 Ounce Almonds (about 20)

1/2 Cup Ice

2 Scoops of Arbonne Essentials Vanilla Protein Mix

Blend all ingredients together until smooth

What Ingredients Are In Your Baby Care Products?

Baby Oil

If you’re like most parents of babies, you know the importance of good nutrition so you read baby food labels and carefully avoid dangerous preservatives and artificial colors.  But, how much time do you spend reading the labels of your favorite baby care products?  You may think that because a product is marketed for babies it must be safe but unfortunately, that is not always the case.  In fact, some popular brands of baby care products, including shampoos, washes, lotions, ointments, and wipes, contain potentially dangerous ingredients.

While it would be nice to think that the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, is protecting our children from potentially dangerous chemicals, that just isn’t so.  Baby care products are considered to be cosmetics by the FDA and with the exception of color additives, ingredients in cosmetics are not subject to FDA approval.  Individual cosmetic and personal care product companies are responsible for determining the safety of their products prior to placing them on the market.   Basically, the FDA is only involved in ensuring proper labeling of cosmetics.   It’s sad to say but companies can even include a dangerous ingredient in a product as long as the proper warning label is included.   So the bottom line is that as a parent you MUST read the labels!

To find out what is in your baby care products, go to the  Environmental Working Group Cosmetics Database



Homemade Vegetable and Fruit Soak

Vegetable and Fruit Soak

The vinegar cleans and the salt will draw out any little bugs and dirt



Cleanse & Detox Green Smoothie

Arbonne Cleanse & Detox Green Smoothie

2 scoops Arbonne Vanilla Protein Powder (20 grams of vegan protein, plus 20 essential vitamins and minerals)

1 Organic Apple, cored (Wash away harmful toxins in the body)

1 Organic Lemon, juiced (This citrus fruit helps boosts the digestive tract)

1 Cup Organic Kale (Chlorophyll kick starts the digestive tract by ridding the body of pesticides and environmental toxins)

1 Stalk Organic Celery (Used as a diuretic for centuries and thought to be an excellent blood cleanser)

1 Teaspoon Flax Seed Oil (Great source of Omega-3’s and ridding the body of harmful toxins)

1 Cup Arbonne Detox Tea, chilled (Boost digestive tract and flush out harmful toxins)


Add all the above ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth then pour over ice.

Is Skin Care Important For Men?

YES!  RE9 Advanced for Men is an advanced line of grooming products that addresses the specific skin care needs of men.

Men’s skin is oilier and more acidic than women’s skin. Their skin is denser and thicker, but steadily becomes thinner with age. Men’s skin is also firmer due to higher levels of collagen, but with aging, collagen levels decrease dramatically. Once the process of aging starts, the skin rapidly loses its firmness and tone, and deep wrinkles start to form.

RE9 Advanced for Men formulas are competitive with benchmarks in performance, ingredients & technology, value packaging and functionality. RE9 Advanced for Men product line provides results whilestill pure, safe and beneficial, shown with clinically proven results.

In a clinical study conducted over four weeks, participants using RE9 Advanced for Men reported the following results:

  • 81% reported products calmed and soothed their skin within one week.
  • 95% reported an improvement in skin hydration within four weeks.
  • 90% reported improved skin tone and clarity within four weeks.
  • 81%  reported their skin felt more energized and revitalized within four weeks.

RE9 Advanced for Men

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Do You Know The Benefits Of Dry Skin Brushing?


Dry brushing the skin is beneficial for a number of reasons, and it is one of the best ways to prevent a variety of skin conditions. Dry brushing is nothing new; it has been practiced for hundreds of years throughout the world and became a popular spa treatment in Europe during the past three decades. Dry skin brushing helps to remove dead skin and improve circulation, the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences website reports. The technique for dry skin brushing, as in massage, involves moving toward the heart. Performing dry skin brushing before taking a shower or bath allows you wash away dead skin. Dry skin brushing may benefit people who experience edema, pronounced water retention, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center’s website. The website suggests brushing the entire body, beginning at the feet, stroking in the direction of the heart.

One of the most beneficial aspects of dry brushing the skin is that the process helps the body slough off dead skin cells, making room for new skin cell growth. Dry brushing the skin also helps create a healthy glow and a smoother skin surface

As the brush strokes the skin to remove dead skin cells, the motion of the brush against the skin massages it and helps increase circulation. Improved circulation also enhances the flow of lymph and hormones through the skin, maintaining a healthy growth and development.

Hormones and oil glands are essential for optimal skin health and growth. Brushing brings fresh supplies of blood-bearing hormones and oils to the surface of the skin where they are needed for that healthy glow.

Dry brushing also helps firm the skin. The increased blood flow reduces the appearance of tired-looking skin, as well as cellulite. Dead skin cells are removed, making way for new, healthy, firm skin cells, offering a firmer, more youthful appearance.

Removing cellulite from the skin can be achieved through dry brushing the skin on a regular basis. By brushing the skin on a daily basis, you help your body slough off not only dead skin cells, but also rid your body of toxins and deposits that lay on the surface of the skin as they are excreted from your body. Along with a diet high in alkaline foods and daily exercise, dry brushing can be one of the best skin care methods to defy the appearance of aging.

Begin your dry skin brushing at your feet and legs, one at a time, from the soles of your feet up the back of your legs and then from the tops of your feet up the fronts of your thighs. Brush your back and buttocks. Stroke the brush up each hand and brush toward your shoulder in small, circular strokes, as though polishing your skin. Brush your shoulders, chest and sides in a circular motion, working toward your heart.

Don’t use a dry brush on your face. Rubbing this skin can increase wrinkles or break capillaries, the small blood vessel in your face.