Detoxification? Cleansing?

The detoxification process is highly complex but I want to talk briefly in basic terms about how it works to help us fully understand the importance of detoxification and cleansing.

Detoxification is the body’s natural process to filter waste and toxins from our cells, organs and blood.  There are two primary organs responsible for detoxifying the body, and those are the liver and the kidneys.

Cleansing is the process of actually eliminating these toxins from our body.  After the liver and kidneys filter out and breakdown the toxins, the toxins are then sent to two different places, either into the urine or into bile to be removed.

Whether you are dieting or not, we expose ourselves to many different things that can cause toxicity in our bodies.  Arbonne’s Herbal Detox Tea is something you need to incorporate into your diet everyday.  This product is formulated to help rid your body of toxins while preparing your body for your successful weight loss goals and to maintain good health.  This product is an all-natural blend of botanical ingredients that supports the normal functions of the liver, kidneys and blood, while supporting toxin elimination.

Don’t confuse this product with the detox diets, where you do a severe detox diet for three to five days, and you fast, and you gradually incorporate liquids and solids back into your diet. This is a product that is designed to be used everyday; it is mild and contains all natural herbs, without the harshness of some of the trendy diets that are on the market today.

The key thing to remember about Arbonne’s Herbal Detox Tea is the antioxidant protection, the diuretic characteristics, and the fact that we are naturally supporting our detoxifying and cleansing processes, by removing the toxins, and eliminating them from the body.

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