Want A Brighter, Flawless, More Even-Toned Complexion?

If so, Revelâge™ reveals a brighter future!Revalage

We all long for that perfect complexion that is brightened, flawless, and even-toned. Revelâge™ is a high performance product assortment of clinically proven, dermatologist-tested, anti-aging formulas. All four Revelâge products contain the exclusive time release Revelâge Complex for age spot intervention to reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation, freckles and age spots and help prevent them from forming.

Our exclusive, time-release Revelâge Complex for age spot intervention targets and precisely delivers a blend of proven antioxidants and brightening ingredients to skin for maximum, all-day performance. The products work together to improve the appearance of dull complexions by promoting clarity and brightness for a more luminous, even-toned appearance.

Six key botanicals support the Revelâge Complex, targeting aspects of age spot intervention and perfecting each product’s function:
Soybean lecithin—Moisturizing emollient

Caffeine powder—Calms and soothes
Palm kernel oil—Moisturizing emollient
Snow ear mushroom—Antioxidant; brightening benefits
Ferula foetida root extract—Brightening benefits
Licorice extract—Calms and soothes

A clinical study reveals the following initial visible results: 

Within 2 weeks:
93% of participants reported an improvement in skin brightness and luminosity.
87% reported an improvement in the overall appearance of the skin.

Questions and Answers about Revelâge

NutriMinC RE9 and Revelâge Combined Usage Tips


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