Are you looking to green your skin care?

FC5 If so, it would be tough to do much better than the products from Arbonne International. Arbonne rolls out its newest line of eco-friendly face, hair and body products, called FC5.

“FC5? What’s that supposed to mean?”

It refers to Fresh Cells 5, the delivery of fresh cell nutrients from 5 fruits and vegetables.

Arbonne really went above and beyond when it comes to this new line of products. In addition to this line, as well as ALL of Arbonne’s products, being certified vegan, it’s also paraben free and comes in awesome eco-friendly packaging printed with no-VOC’s, and vegetable based inks! The company has been around for 29 years and has ALWAYS used plant-derived ingredients. Did you catch that? In Arbonne’s 29 years, they have NEVER used any animal products or by-products. I really love that this company isn’t hopping on the green bandwagon just because it’s the trendy thing to do. No, instead eco-friendliness has been built right into Arbonne’s corporate DNA…from the very beginning.

So What Makes FC5 So Special?

The new Fresh Cell Technology is currently exclusive to Arbonne, and they use it to deliver precious nutrients from 5 key fruits and vegetables, while remaining intact until they are applied to the skin.
Here are the 5 key fruits and vegetables (and why they work):
o Kiwi – Extraordinary source of antioxidants
o Strawberry – Known for its purifying and toning properties
o Carrot – Soothes and calms, ripe with B-carotene
o Mango – Nurturing and hydrating fruit
o Pumpkin – Moisturizing properties and bursting with B-carotene

    The 14 products in the FC5 line are also:

Formulated without:
o Parabens
o Mineral Oil
o Phthalates
o Propylene Glycol
o Paraffin
o Petrolatum
o Diethanolamine
o Animal Derived Ingredients (VEGAN)

o 100% Natural Fragrance

o Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist Tested

Arbonne’s FC5 eco-friendly packaging is:
o FSC certified
o Printed with vegetable based inks, so no VOC’s
o Recyclable


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