Do You Detox?

We get toxins frombody-cleanse
– breathing polluted air,
– drinking water that includes harmful chemicals and bacteria,
– going barefoot or wearing sandals – we pick up fertilizer and pesticides walking through treated grass,
– processed foods with saturated fats and refined sugars,
– if we are eating non-organic fruits and vegetables, we get toxins. Produce is coated with pesticides to keep bugs from destroying it during growth and transport, they’re coated with preservatives so they can last in stores longer, and bananas are picked green and sprayed with a ripening agent once they get to their destination. So, if you don’t currently wash your produce before you eat it, please do that much for yourself and your family. But, be careful what you wash it with.
– Skin care and personal care products:
In the US our products frequently contain Propylene Glycol, DEA and SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. According to Kevin Trudeau’s book, More Natural Cures Revealed, Propylene Glycol causes cancer, dermatitis, kidney damage, liver abnormalities, skin rashes, dry skin, skin damage, nausea, headaches, vomiting, depression, gastrointestinal disturbances and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate causes cancer, changes the genetic structure of cells, irritates skin cells, impairs the ability for hair to grow, adverse affects on the heart, liver, lungs, brain, eyes, immune system, and causes inflammation of the skin. He also says that these products do not naturally leave your body. They’re found in antifreeze, brake fluid, soaps, shampoos, deodorant, toothpaste, lotions and recently propylene glycol has been added to processed food as a preservative.

What ARE toxic ingredients in skin care products?
· Mineral oil and other petroleum and SD40 alcohols
· Collagen, elastin, lanolin (animal by-products from the rendering industry)
· Propylene Glycol, DEA (diethanolamine) and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)

A 1994 study by the USDA revealed that ”Deaths related to our toxic diet and lifestyle account for most deaths in America. Heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases cause more than 85% of all deaths” in America.

Changing your diet and lifestyle isn’t enough. If our arteries, intestines, and colon are coated with toxins and fats, the healthy, nutritious foods we eat can’t break through effectively. The colon weighs about 7 pounds, the average autopsied colon in Fairfield County weighs about 40 pounds and John Waynes’ colon weighed 80 pounds when he died. That’s because our colon and veins get clogged with toxins like a pipe gets clogged with gunk. We need to clean it out so the good nutrients can flow through and get absorbed easily.

In Don Colbert, M.D.’s book, Toxic Relief, he says detoxifying our bodies can help with “heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, obesity, fatigue, memory loss, premature aging, skin disorders, arthritis, hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and emotional disorders.” He also says “Deep cleansing your body right down to the cellular level will renew your vitality, restore your energy, reclaim your health, shed toxic fat, lengthen your life and give you a healthy glow you haven’t had in years.”

That’s exactly what I did. In my search for safe health and beauty products for me and my family, I discovered Arbonne. Arbonne has a line of detox products – I have tried them and they work! Some Arbonne Detox products I use are 7-Day Body Cleanse, Purifying Sea Soak, Detoxifying Rescue Wash and a Daily Detox Tea.

Detoxing doesn’t cure the disease, but cleanses the body so it can heal itself.

SeaSource Detox Spa™ Program

7-day Body Cleanse


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